What are the requirements for a Florida real estate sales associate license?

What are the requirements for a Florida real estate broker’s license?

When do I submit my application?
The application may be sent in prior to, during or after course completion. Applications, notarization and fingerprint cards are available at our office during regular business hours for a fee.

How do I submit my application?
You can submit your application by mail or partially online. Submit your completed application to the state with appropriate fee. Upon approval by the state, you may then apply to the state approved testing vendor (FL Division of Real Estate). There is an additional testing fee (FL Division of Real Estate).

Where is the state exam offered?
There are locations in major metropolitan areas in and out of Florida, see Promissor for additional testing facilities.

How is the state exam administered?
The multiple choice question exams will be administered by touch screen computer or paper and pencil.(FL Division of Real Estate)

When will I be notified of passing the state exam?
You will be notified immediately at the exam site.

What can I do with a sales associate license?
You can participate in listing and selling residential, commercial, industrial property, vacant land, business opportunities, timeshares, rent and manage real property as long as you work under the supervision of a licensed real estate broker.

What can I do with a broker’ license?
You can open your own firm and hire Sales Associates to work for you. I have an out of state real estate license.

Am I required to take the course?
Not necessarily. If you hold a real estate license and reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma or Tennessee (current as of 01/02) then you may qualify for a Florida real estate license under Mutual Recognition. Please check for more information in the Curriculum Section of this website. If you have a real estate license in another state that has been active for 1 year out of the past 5, you may choose to bypass the Sales Associate licensing requirements and proceed directly to brokers course. Call our administration office for a detailed explanation.

Do you have a money back guarantee if I should fail the end-of-course-exam or State Exam?
No. It is not allowed by Florida Statutes 475.451 & 475.4511 and by the rules in Chapter 61-J2.013 of the Florida Real Estate Commission.

How many days can I miss from class?
The end-of-course examination cannot be given to any student who has absences of more than 8 classroom hours. It is important that you check with your instructor or the administration office if you miss more than 8 classroom hours.

How do I become an instructor?
You must pass the 95 question state exam for instructors (call for details or waivers for exams).